Online Substance Abuse Training Centre

AlcoDigital product training is required annually, however you may also wish to attend one of our workplace testing courses again as someone now more familiar to the subject.   

Our refresher courses can either be done face to face or online.

If you have received training from us in the past then you will have received a certificate from us that expires after 12 months. The reason for this is that, unfortunately, we can not witness you using our equipment and do not know how often you have been using it since the training. Therefore we can no longer, confidently, back up your competency. However, you may know fully well that your staff, or yourself are fully competent and do not need much further training. In this case our e-learning courses are perfect. Receive a short refresher on the ins and outs of your product, remind yourself of some key tips that may have been forgotten, and after a short assessment receive a brand new competency certificate with another 12 months on it.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to use your equipment much, or have been trained in the past but never got round to buying equipment then sometimes attending one of our face to face courses can be the best option. We continue to update our UK wide training days with new laws and regulations, recommendations from the industry, and new products. It is also never possible to take everything in from the first course you did with us so you may be reminded of great tips you missed the last time round.

The other option for refresher training would be if you have many collecting officers in your company where it doesn’t work well to apply time for e-learning courses. Your staff are more hands on and it would be much easier to designate a time one day to refresh as many people at once as possible. Depending on what product selection you have this would only be a couple of hours per product and can be a nice efficient way of having your collecting officers re-trained.

Courses available online

Draeger 5510

Draeger 6820

Drager 7510

Drugcheck 3000

Drugtest 5000

Coming soon – AlcoDigital Eon, 5820 and AlcoSaber


Refresher E-learning courses = £35 per person, access for 12 months

Refresher on-site up to 6 ppl = £850 for half a day (Either one full training on alcohol and drug equipment, or two 2 hour courses on one product), £1,500 for two half days or four 2 hour course.

UK wide training days = £99 half day (Alcohol or Drugs), £179 for full day (Alcohol and Drugs) View current dates and locations here

To book a course with our trainers, contact them on 0208 454 7372 or email