Online Substance Abuse Training Centre


AlcoDigital can provide training for you at your site. We currently offer two types of training courses:

  • Alcohol and Drug testing in the workplace. Includes policy and best practice procedure advice as well as product training.
  • Product specific, in-house testing. This is competency training for your in-house test collection officers.


Alcohol and Drug testing in the Workplace training

This course is usually ran at one of our UK wide training days but can be run specifically for your company at your site location. The course is CPD accredited and is 7 hours long.

What we cover:

Alcohol in the Work Place – What to include in your policy, including best practice for Drug & Alcohol testing in-house.

Illegal Drugs – Most commonly taken illegal drugs in the work place, and how they can affect the workforce – and those around them.

Prescription Medication – How to incorporate a best practice procedure towards prescription drugs within your policy, whilst encouraging employees to notify you of new medication.

Drug Testing methods – What is the best method of testing in the workplace for you?

Equipment – What is the best equipment to use to achieve your targets.

Drug Testing procedures – Pre-employment, Random, For Cause – and how to implement.

These training days are beneficial to companies that do not currently have an alcohol or drug testing procedure in place. It does not matter if you have a policy already as the course is very useful for reviewing that and adapting as needed to apply training.

If you have a better idea of what equipment you want to go for then it is sometimes possible to condense this course down to half a day 4.5 hours but this would only be for a maximum 6 people. Then we could also perform two training days in one day for you.

Alternatively if you would like only halve the course, e.g. training on Alcohol testing, or drug testing then this can be done over half a day.


Half a day (max 6 people) = £850

Full day (max 10 ppl or two courses of 6) = £1,500

If you don’t need so many people trained then you may like to look into our UK wide training days, priced at £179 pp.


Contact the training team now for more details or to book a training day with one of our trainers.

0208 454 7372


Product competency training

If you already have alcohol and drug testing equipment in your company and your test collection officers need training then we can provide this for you at your site. We provide product training on the following equipment:


Draeger 7510, 6820, 6810, 6510, 5510, 5820

AlcoDigital Eon, and AlcoSaber

Drug testing

Draeger Drugcheck 3000

Draeger Drugtest 5000

Alere/Abbott Oral Fluid Lab kits for Chain of Custody

It is important that should any of your test results be questioned you can back up the competency of your testing officers. We provide training certificates valid for 12 months following training on the above products.

Product training is a half day course (2 – 4.5 hours depending on product combination)


Half day training = £850 for (6-8 attendees depending on the product course combination)

Full day training (two of the above half day sessions) = £1,500


Contact the training team now for more details or to book a training day with one of our trainers.

0208 454 7372