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CPD Accredited Drug & Alcohol Training across the UK

No matter how good or sophisticated the equipment that is used for Drug and Alcohol testing procedures, unless it can be established that the operators of such equipment are fully trained and conversant with the equipment and techniques required then the results can easily be undermined.  Quality Assured training is key to ensuring compliance and safety in the workplace; our award-winning courses meet those requirements and offer a flexible range of venues and methods to suit your organisation.

What do we do?

We offer a wide range of training options for individuals, companies and goverment bodies covering both generalised Drug and Alcohol Substance Abuse training and product-specific training for in-house testing within organisations.  We also offer specific Chain of Custody training for organisations collecting on-site drug samples for laboratory testing.

These courses are delivered through a range of options:

  • Drug and Alcohol Training Courses for 1 to 8 people, at venues across the UK
  • Bespoke On-Site Drug & Alcohol Training tailored specifically to your organisation’s equipment and requirements
  • Online Courses for Substance Abuse
  • Chain of Custody Courses covering drug sample collection for Laboratory Analysis
  • Webinar Refresher Courses

Why should you train for Drugs & Alcohol?

It is vital that companies can demonstrate that the staff who carry out drug and alcohol testing in-house have the knowledge and proficiency to do so – and the most effective way of doing so is by ensuring they have met the standards required by the courses offered by us. We can – if necessary – independently demonstrate (on the companies’ behalf) the level of training given and the standards that were met by each individual student during their course. Such training can, however, be expensive – but the AlcoDigital Academy combines the latest online learning techniques with certified, on-site training by Draeger authorised trainers to offer a full range of programmes suitable for all levels of staff. This helps client companies ensure their staff are fully proficient with the equipment and techniques involved and thereby compliant with both health and safety requirements and industry best practice.

Designed to combine the best of both traditional classroom leaning with the convenience and cost savings of online learning, the AlcoDigital Academy offers a highly effective cost-efficient method of ensuring your employees are certified in the process of collecting and reporting drug and alcohol samples – ideal for those looking for alternatives to the limitations and ever-increasing costs of classroom training.

From the initial Approved Alcohol Testing Operator Course through to the Certified Impairment Diagnostics Officer, our courses cover the theory behind the practice of collecting Drug and Alcohol samples – including full Chain of Custody procedures and annual renewal training.

For the student, this means better flexibility and convenience in terms of location and pace, allowing them to break the course content into manageable segments to suit their schedules.  Without distractions such as those vocal students who can dominate the classroom environment, the candidates are able to absorb the required information at their own pace, focusing on content whilst engaging in a mix of animation, video and audio components including interactive quizzes to maintain interest.

From an employer’s perspective, the cost savings cannot be underestimated. Training based solely on face-to-face instruction will always be more expensive, both in terms of the cost of the trainer and location, but also with regards to the student travel costs, no-shows, scheduling costs, room reservations and preparations – not to mention the cost of removing the student from their everyday employment.  Consistency and speed of learning is a major benefit – online learning is generally perceived to require dramatically less time to cover the same subject than tradition classroom settings, whilst ensuring that the course covered is identical for each candidate – thus eliminating the risk of potential human-error, for example omitting material due to classroom distractions.

Certified Courses

Certified Courses combine face-to-face instruction and demonstration by a Draeger Authorised AlcoDigital Training Manager (who have a wide ranging knowledge and experience of the diagnostic techniques) with pre-course online study to maximise the value of the classroom session. These practical courses are carried out in the workplace for between 6 and 8 people at a time and the pre-course eLearning package must be successfully completed prior to course attendence.

Verbal and written assessments are made throughout the course to ensure that trainees meet the standards of knowledge and practical skills required and the final assessment test must be passed in order for the Diagnostics Officer to be certified and cover all aspects including Reasonable Suspicion, Chain of Custody and Laboratory Sample Collection.

Personnel who have undertaken this training can, once certified, be utilised to provide the necessary on-site practical training in the use of the equipment required as part of the Approved Operator training schemes (see right).

Approved Courses

Approved Operators initially undertake an online eLearning course followed by an assessment test. Once they have met the necessary knowledge standard, a Certified Diagnostics Officer (see left) within the employee’s own company carries out a practical demonstration of the use of the equipment. This eliminates the need for on-site instruction by AlcoDigital or Draeger personnel and is followed by online eLearning revision before the post-course test (independently assessed by the Academy) which must be completed by each operator to ensure they have met the necessary standards for compliant testing.

They are a cost-effective means of enabling an employer to widen the number of personnel able to carry out standard testing procedures where such staff are adequately supervised by a Certified Diagnostics Officer who has completed the full course.

Positive results should be referred by the Approved Operators to a Certified Diagnostics Officer for further confirmation and the application of Chain of Custody/Laboratory Collection procedures if required.

Recurrent Training

Recurrent Training is vital to ensure both the initial standards set are maintained and that the Diagnostics Officers & Operators are familiar with the latest changes in the regulations, limits pertaining to their industry and any modifications or improvements to the equipment itself.

Software modifications, changes to hardware test methods and improving standards of test kits & systems often lead to new techniques or knowledge being required and the annual review ensures all those involved in the testing process are fully aware of the latest developments and requirements.

Certifications and Approvals are valid for 12 months, after which employees must complete a simple online module(s) (ie those relevant to their testing area) which will bring them up to current compliance standards.

Courses costs are kept to a minimum by meeting all requirements solely via the eLearning Academy; no additional face-to-face training is normally required unless additional or new equipment or procedures have been introduced by the client company.